we all wanted to go in tbh

For the most part, the Tik Tok community has been supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, but recently a video went viral of a younger creator saying it is a sin to be gay.

Cash Baker is a famous Tik Toker with over 16 million followers. His videos are about him talking about Jesus, the Bible, and his opinions on certain topics as a Christain. He said that as a Christian he cannot support the LGBTQ community. He said that he doesn’t promote or encourage the community.

Cash Baker has been getting a lot of hate from this video, and people went to the comments and to twitter to share their opinions. A tweet says, “Cash Baker really said I love the LGBTQ+ community but also I don’t support them they’re sinners…”

There are a lot of other Christian creators who are commenting, saying that their religion isn’t stopping them from being an ally. One comment says, “I’m Christian and I support the LGBTQ+ community, you shouldn’t hide behind your religion, love is love and we need to deal with it.” Another comment says, “I can no longer support you. Absolutely not! I’m out!”

James Charles, who is gay, commented a clown emoji on this video, and Cash Baker made a video response. He said that the definition of homophobia is hating gay people, and he said “that is farthest from the truth”

These videos combined with other videos he has made has been the reason he has been losing followers. On a Tik Tok he explained that he is losing thousands of followers and that his friends are telling him that he will be “canceled”.