“Jay Leno’s Garage” Cancelled by CNBC After Leno Injured in Second Accident

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Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC was cancelled this morning. This comes two months after the comedian and former late show host was injured with severe second and third degree burns while working on a vintage car’s engine that caught fire.

The cancellation is likely a result of a more recent motorcycle accident that has left Leno hospitalized again. He was reportedly knocked off his motorcycle and suffered a broken collarbone, several broken ribs, and broken kneecaps. He was riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle and noticed a gas leak. The crash occurred when he leaned over to check what was wrong with the bike, and the rest is history.

Leno suffered the motorcycle accident on January 17, and was rushed to the hospital immediately. He spoke out on his injuries for the first time today.

Jay Leno’s Garage first aired in 2015, shortly after his retirement from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The comedian has long spoken about his passion for collecting vintage cars and motorcycles. The network cited a renewed investment in “core content of business news and personal finance,” but viewers speculate that the recent safety hazards had something to do with it.

Some of Leno’s fans were shocked at the news of a second accident so close to the burns incident, especially given that his show has been on the air for so long without these hiccups happening.

Others reacted to the situation with pop culture humor in the comedian’s honor, as he remains in stable condition as he prepares to return to Las Vegas for a string of comedy shows.


Twitter even cracked jokes about the absurd timeline of the accidents being linked to some of his comedy and late night show competitors. The humorous karma theories made the rounds.


Some applauded Leno for pulling through the painful injuries and being so strong at the age of



Amid Jay Leno’s Garage’s cancellation, fans encourage him to get some much needed rest ahead of his return to Vegas.

Others pointed to actor Jeremy Renner’s recent snowplow accident, noting that even celebrities need better road safety.


Now that Jay Leno’s Garage is no more, Twitter had plenty of suggestions on new, less hazardous hobbies for Leno to pick up.

Leno began his career in comedy in a student comedy troupe while he was a student at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. He went on to have a long and successful career as host The Tonight Show, Jay Leno’s Garage, and the 2021 reboot of You Bet Your Life. As of now, he is still set to debut at the Encore Theater At Wynn Las Vegas, this March. It is unclear if his shows will now be delayed due to his injuries.

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