Jeffree Star and Rumored New Boyfriend Spark Drama

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Photo Credit: Jeffree Star via Instagram and Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash
Jeffree Star/Instagram and Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Jeffree Star is taking the internet by storm yet again with new boyfriend, Andre Marhold, and the newest blow-up has arrived. This relationship came completely out of nowhere! 

How Did It Start?

The drama began when Star decided to post a photo of himself sitting on a man’s lap while making sure to block the mystery man’s face. However, social media users further proved that they are the most efficient freelance detectives out there. 

Marhold’s arms are wrapped around Star’s body, revealing his tattoos. Fans used the uniquely designed tats to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

In what seems to be record time, the internet was made aware that the man in the viral photo is, in fact, Andre Marhold. The professional basketball player is Star’s first public romance after his split with long-time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt about eight months ago. 

And as always, social media users went into complete hysteria once the news broke. 

The Shade Room was quick to post photos of Marhold to fuel the mass circulation of gossip and theories across social media even further. This resulted in Star’s new love interest putting his Instagram account on private. Neither party has officially confirmed the romance, but Star’s photos prove the popular saying: “a picture says a thousand words.” 


Previous Drama

Prior to August 2020, Star was involved with an excessive amount of drama. The tea revolving around Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson and James Charles continued to develop back in July. Fans began to choose sides yet again with the overwhelming majority deciding to “cancel” and turn against Dawson and Star this time around. 

When old racist and pedophilic comments resurfaced, it became clear that a new storm was headed their way. This was the final straw for many fans even after years of following and supporting the Youtubers. Dawson was called out by Jada Pinkett Smith as well as Jaden Smith on social media for his inappropriate and disturbing behavior. 

And when it comes to how they were affected on the business side by this drama bomb, Target removed Dawson’s books from their shelves. This is in addition to Morphe removing Star’s products and makeup collection from all stores. 


What Marhold’s Ex-Girlfriend Has To Say

Star making headlines and trending again for his new rumored romance is nothing out of the ordinary for him, but definitely something new for Marhold. In fact, his apparent ex-girlfriend, Leezy, exclusively told InTouch that the situation was “humiliating” for her. Marhold had told her that he was going to Los Angeles for business, but his true plans were quickly exposed. 

She explained to InTouch that they had been prioritizing their son, Amari, before he left for “business.” 

“That was our priority. I mean the relationship was up and down, you know, like every relationship, but you just never expect to be in this situation, being exposed like that … everything changed overnight,” Leezy said to InTouch.

Despite the rumors that Marhold may be married, Star continues to post a plethora of photos on his social media of him and ignore the haters. And while the duo have only been linked for a short amount of time, the drama continues to unfold. 

Star Responds

Fans were quick to call Star a “homewrecker” and to try to cancel him yet again. 

They were also quick to say that Marhold was only interested in the relationship for the money. Some also theorized that the photos were some sort of publicity stunt. This is in addition to questioning Marhold’s intentions and sexuality.

Jeffree answered almost all of the most popular claims in a few separate tweets. 

“I don’t hang out with married men. I’m not going to repeat myself so read it twice. Marriage licenses are public record. Common sense is not so common,” He tweeted. 

So…Who Is Andre Marhold?

Andre Marhold played basketball at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania between 2009 and 2013. Currently, he plays as a small forward for a German team. He also seems to be living in Atlanta, Georgia, when he’s not playing basketball overseas. 


Twitter is a brutal place these days. Users have been not only questioning Marhold and Star’s relationship, but also attacking the duo. Star revealed in a tweet that he was being sent countless death threats.

Both parties have received homophobic comments and messages on social platforms. 

One of Andre’s exes, a woman named Lauren, claimed that Marhold is still in contact with her. In fact, she tweeted Star that he has been sending her “sexual videos” from the $14.6 million mansion.

The pair have been out together a lot recently. They vacationed in Wyoming, went to a gun range and have had plenty of casual outings documented on Star’s socials. Marhold has even met some of Star’s closest friends. He, however, has yet to comment on or address their apparent romantic relationship. 

Featured image by Jeffree Star via Instagram and Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash.


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