Jennifer Hudson Became an EGOT at Last Night’s Tony Awards

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Image: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

American singer and actress Jennifer Hudson reached EGOT status last night at the Tony Awards. EGOT stands for the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards and celebrates people who win all four awards. Last night, Jennifer Hudson was awarded a Tony after the musical she co-produced, “A Strange Loop” won Best Musical. The musical follows a gay, Black man who is a theatre artist as he struggles with writing a musical. Hudson became a co-producer when the musical went to perform on Broadway.

Hudson won an Oscar in 2006 for best-supporting actress in “Dreamgirls.” She went on to win two Grammys and an Emmy for the R-animated film “Baba Yaga.” Now, with her first Tony award, she becomes the 17th person to receive EGOT status, along with notable people like Whoopi Goldberg and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Not only is she the second Black woman to achieve this, but she is also the first “American Idol” contestant to accomplish this. Although Hudson did not win her season of the show, which was season three, she is known for sweeping awards.

“Shoutout to everyone who dialed 1-866-IDOLS for Jennifer Hudson back in 2004. We knew,” one person online wrote. Many used this as inspiration, as many pointed out that on her season of American Idol, Simon Cowell said he believed she did not have what it takes to succeed in entertainment. But now, everyone obviously can see how untrue this was. Some said to remember this the next time someone felt any doubt about you or your talents. Overall, fans were thrilled for Hudson, and just as excited to see the musical win “Best Musical” over tough competitors like “Six” and MJ.”

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