To all the Laura's and Kristen's keep an eye out.

Jewelry store employee exposes cheating husband when buying anniversary gift for his ten year anniversary for his wife and another for his girlfriend of one year being together.

On October 3rd, Zoe Roe posted a TikTok about her thrilling experience in “accidentally” exposing a cheating husband while helping him pick out anniversary gifts for both his wife and girlfriend. Roe’s video has recieved many views with more than 3.2 million likes and 35 thousand comments.

She explains how the husband first asked her to help him find a gift for his wife which he ended up picking out a piece that said  “My beautiful wife.” Roe asked if he needed anything else and he responded “that’s it for HER.” The husband then asked if he could help him look for something that said “girlfriend” but he wanted it on a separate credit card and account. He also picked out a piece for the girlfriend that said “Happy One Year Anniversary” to go with the other.

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Roe said how the husband had her mark the wife’s and girlfriend’s initials at the bottom of each bag. The wife was “K” for Kristin and the girlfriends “L” for Laura. Obviously to not confuse them, but little did he know what Roe was up to.

“I just remembered that his wife’s name is Laura and his girlfriend’s name is Kristin,” Roe said suspiciously. “I must have mixed up the bags. Oops.”


What a good day to look out for other women😈 this happens too often. #fyp #whydomen #storytime #CTCVoiceBox #DayInMyLife #OikosOneTrip #funny #viral

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Roe switched the gifts purposely to ensure that his wife and girlfriend opened each other’s gifts. The TikTok video went viral and viewers had much to say about what Roe had done. Viewers were rooting for Roe and how she respected the girl code. While others said it wasn’t for her to get involved.

Roe left viewers wanting more and desperate for a part two video. Some commented how they want a duet if the wife or girlfriend sees the video. Others were concerned about what her boss would say but that it would be worth getting fired.

The day after Roe made a follow up video responding to one of those comments as she lips sings “Everybody makes mistakes.”


Reply to @natekarrs oops silly me #fyp

♬ EverybodyMakesMistakes – jasonwolbert

Roe doesn’t seem to be too worry about what her boss would say since she seems to think she has the best boss.


There’s also the anticipation of finding out who was the Laura and what Kristen that received the gifts. Viewers are making jokes on how people with the names Laura and Kristen must be freaking out. Especially for those who have an anniversary coming up. At least Roe was kind enough to put pretty bows on them had told him to have a nice day…. or not.

One of the viewers who happens to work at a jewelry store as well comments on how common these situations occur. How sad is that.

Now, female viewers are shaming men for having the audacity to do this to their partner.

A married woman who came across Roe’s TikTok, comments on how she would appreciate being notified in this situation.

The question is will there be a follow up video or a duet from Laura or Kristen? Hmm… We’ll have to wait and see.