JK Rowling Endorses Matt Walsh’s Controversial Documentary

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Earlier this year, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh debuted a documentary titled “What is a Woman?” that seeks to investigate gender identity. Coming from a conservative view, the film has been criticized heavily for being transphobic and has caused a lot of controversies. In a conversation on Twitter, JK Rowling seems to endorse said documentary, which wasn’t surprising given Rowling’s views on transgender women.

The conversation happened after Macy Gray, who was heavily criticized for comments she made about transgender women, apologized for her comments and said she learned a lot and appreciated the criticism. Walsh then commented on the situation and her apology, calling it “gutless cowardice” and “is exactly what got us into this position in the first place.”

And although Rowling seems to agree with Walsh and his documentary, she denounced his statement and said “I’m not there for men calling women cowards when they never have to face this stuff themselves.” In one quote tweet responding to Walsh, she said that “Endless death and rape threats, threats of loss of livelihood, employers targeted, physical harassment, family address posted online with picture of bomb-making manual aren’t ‘mean comments’. If you don’t yet understand what happens to women who stand up on this issue, back off,” in response to Walsh’s tweet.

Walsh responded by saying “All of those things and then some have happened to me in the last month because of my film. But if I had backed down and crumbled to the trans activists, I’d deserve to be scorned for it. Cowardice is what empowers these people. Nothing will ever improve until people stop caving.” He did say he respects her “courage you’ve shown on this issue.”


This is when Rowling seemingly endorses Walsh’s documentary, commenting “And your film did a good job exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory and some of the harms it’s done. Many institutions I used to admire have uncritically embraced this dogma, but I reserve my ire for them rather than shouting ‘coward’ at individual women.”

Many people found this a bit odd, as Rowling has stated she is a feminist and truly cares about women’s rights, along with fighting for LGBT rights and injustices against people of color.

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