Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial is Now Being Deliberated by Jury

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For the past six weeks, people watched the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard trial that revolved around defamation. Although the trial includes descriptions of abuse from both sides, the trial is not a domestic abuse case, but rather if Amber Heard lied when she wrote an op-ed piece alleging she was Johnny Depp’s victim. After Depp claims this tainted his reputation, he sued Heard, who then countersued her. Now, as the jury deliberates the verdict, people discuss who they think will win, what the jury must decide, and what the case represents.

The jury must decide if “Heard made or published three separate statements in the op-ed, including the headline; if they imply or insinuate anything about Depp; and if so, whether they were false and/or made with actual malice” according to the Washington Post. They also must decide if “three statements made in the media by an attorney working for Depp, Adam Waldman, hurt her reputation and career by dismissing her allegations as false. For this, the jury has to decide six questions, including whether Waldman, while acting on Depp’s behalf, made the statements, and if they were false and/or made with actual malice. As the jury deliberates, many continue to discuss the case, which is unsurprising as the case has been incredibly discussed and viewed in the past weeks. After the trial, Depp returned to England and performed with Jeff Beck in Sheffield.

When it comes to discussing who will win, Monica Lewinksy shared her thoughts in an article with Vanity Fair. After being in the middle of controversy after it was revealed she was having an affair with Bill Clinton, who was president at the time. As someone who understands being in the middle of the public eye, she writes the article from this perspective, noting that “No matter whom the jury’s verdict favors—be it defendant Heard or plaintiff Depp—we are guilty.” Since this case was incredibly popular, with many creating memes on TikTok or debating who is truly guilty, there has been some criticism of how people have treated the case.

As the verdict continues to be deliberated, many are sending love to those who have been abused before, as watching this trial and hearing the responses to it can be quite triggering. Others believe that the viewing of the trial has been very inappropriate, especially as people listen to it for entertainment purposes.


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