JoJo Siwa Spotted Line Dancing The Night Away At Facebook Pride Event

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Jojo Siwa was spotted line dancing the night away at Facebook’s pride event held in Los Angeles, CA.

The event, hosted by personality Kalen Allen, and brought together a community of creators for a Pride celebration to show how Facebook is platform where creators can be their authentic selves and build a strong community, while also being a place to dive into your interests and discover something new like line dancing.

The star was seen attending the event as a plus one and didn’t shy away from taking part in some of the activities including making her own custom cowboy hat.


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Siwa revealed her latest tattoo—a winged teddy bear—during a visit to Costello Studio on Wednesday, June 26. The 21-year-old singer proudly displayed her new ink, inspired by her upcoming album cover, in photos shared on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time Siwa has ventured into the world of tattoos. In August 2023, she documented getting her inaugural tattoo behind her ear, a piece commemorating the duration of her first concert tour and her birth year. She later revealed additional tattoos dedicated to her future children, including names she has already chosen—Freddie for a girl and Eddie and Teddie for twin boys.

Jojo Siwa at Facebook Pride.
Jojo Siwa at Facebook Pride. PHOTO: @parismumpower

In February 2024, Siwa spoke with Access Hollywood about her growing collection of tattoos, expressing her excitement and dedication to each piece. Photos shared on her Instagram also hinted at more recent additions, teasing fans with cryptic captions about upcoming reveals.


Throughout her career, Siwa has embraced personal milestones and shared them openly with her fans on social media. Each tattoo carries special significance, reflecting her journey in music and her aspirations for the future.

Fans eagerly await Siwa’s new album, which inspired her latest tattoo, as she continues to make waves not only in music but also in popular culture with her distinctive style and upbeat persona. Her willingness to share personal moments, including her tattoo experiences, underscores her connection with her audience and her commitment to authenticity in both her artistry and personal life.

Kalen Allen and guests of Facebook Pride.
Kalen Allen and guests of Facebook Pride. PHOTO: @parismumpower

The “Special Forces” competitor also received her first tattoo in last summer with the help of her close friend Raven-Symoné. Siwa inked the numbers “1031” behind her ear after debating getting a tattoo all day.

The “Dancing With the Stars” alum explained that the numbers represent “how many days my first concert tour lasted, but then 03 is the year that I was born so that’s why it looks like 03 with the lines on the side.”

Siwa teased at the time that “3 is a very significant number but I can’t say why yet.”

Fans have been keeping up with the star since the song “Karma” has gone viral on streaming platforms and social media apps everywhere.


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