Julia Michaels Deactivates Twitter After Controversial Tweets

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After claiming she wrote “all” of the songs in singer Sabrina Carpenter’s album, she caught some heat on Twitter, which then led her to delete her Twitter account altogether. It began after Carpenter released her newest album “emails I can’t send” which already has millions of streams on Spotify. A fan then detailed her thoughts on the project, stating she wasn’t a fan of the way Michaels writes. It was then she claimed to have written “all” of them, despite only being credited for some. Although her Twitter is now deactivated, people recovered the conversation through screenshots on Twitter.

She responded to the fan by saying things like “But I thought you hate the way I write.” She responded multiple times to the fan account, which many thought was a bit weird, especially since Michaels was not tagged. Celebrities only often face criticism, but do not respond repeatedly the way showcased here. Some people came to her rescue, as one fan wrote “leave Julia Michaels alone she’s a close friend of Sabrina’s obviously she wasn’t taking all the credit for emails I can’t send people were insulting her writing way before the album even came out so her frustration is understandable we don’t need to dramatize everything.”

She then deactivated her Twitter, which many attribute to this conversation online. But, she also sparked controversy after she claimed life would be easier if she was queer after a fan noted they were gay. Many called her out, with the majority being kind and noting she probably didn’t mean it in a negative light, but it is offensive to those in the LGBT community.

“I’m sure you meant no harm with this reply, it’s really harmful to say that it would just be easier to be queer. so many queer people get kicked out of their homes abused or even killed simply for being themselves. please delete this,” one person noted. So, although it is unclear why she deleted her account, many noted it was probably due to the recent hate she was receiving online from both of the controversial statements.


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