next season is about to be FIRE

Kamala Harris is now officially Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election, and in the frenzy of news, the internet was quick to congratulate Kamala’s Saturday Night Live actress, Maya Rudolph. This is big for her too!

Over the last year, Rudolph has made several guest appearances on SNL as Harris, portraying her in skits and debates so well that she is now nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of the California senator.

Each time Rudolph has strut the stage as Harris, she has been well-received by viewers for her spot-on impression, and now with the Vice President news, viewers could be seeing a lot more of her when the show comes back this fall.

Coincidently, Maya was on a Zoom call with Entertainment Weekly with other Emmy nominees when the Biden/Harris news broke, so we all got a look at her unprompted reaction. “That’s spicy,” she said in reply to the announcement.

Now Rudolph’s appearance on the show is not guaranteed, but people on social media are already congratulating her on the renewed gig.

People on Twitter were very excited, with users saying things like,



But the biggest tweet came from SNL themselves when they tweeted a gif of a Maya hair flip. Iconic.

Back in October 2019, when Kamala was still running for president, she spoke with Seth Meyers about how she was portrayed on SNL, and needless to say, she loved it. She also said she hopes to keep Maya working for another eight years. Sly move Harris, we see you.

Joe Biden has had numerous people play him on the show over the years, including Jason Sudeikis, Woody Harrelson and John Mulaney, so it will be interesting to see who gets the nod to play the presidential candidate.

SNL is about to be very good this season, but all jokes aside, Kamala’s pick is a huge and historic step for representation as she is the first Black woman and first Asian American to be picked as a vice presidential running mate on a major-party ticket. No matter who you’re voting for this November, that representation is something to celebrate.