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Pastor THREATENS Dunkin’ Employee Over Mask

Confrontation over a mask sparked between a Tennessee pastor and a Dunkin’ employee. The well-known pastor on the internet took to Facebook Live to film a rant in response to the situation, proclaiming how masks are used as compliance tools by the government.

White Claw Sets Sail in Quarantine Project

Check out this longtime coming quarantine project, a boat made entirely of White Claws! That’s one way to pass the time, here’s hoping the architect recycles the cans when he’s finished. No laws when drinking Claws, or a boat made of Claws.

Trader Joe’s Called Out For Racial Stereotypes

Have you ever browsed the aisles of Trader Joe’s and saw a name on one of the brand’s cultural products and thought, “Hmmm… that’s not right”? Well you’re not the only one and the brand is now being called out for its “Trader Ming” and “Trader José” products.

Banksy Strikes Again on London Underground

The London Underground was briefly taken over by rats, the kind painted by Banksy that is. His latest artwork was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and the urge for everyone to wear face masks, but it was immediately taken down due to the London Underground’s no graffiti policy.

Vogue Under Fire Over Simone Biles’ Cover Shoot

Simone Biles’ Vogue August edition cover shoot has sparked backlash in the quality and creativity of the photos, and the internet calls for more use of Black creatives at the magazine. Vogue has recognized their lack of diversity in the past and has since promised to act on making a change.

The ‘CAREN Act’ Could Be A New Law in San Francisco

A new law could be coming to San Francisco and if enacted it could put a stop to all Karens and their behavior. The Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies (CAREN) Act would make it illegal to call 911 on racist or false accusations. Cue the backlash from these women if passed.

Target Karen Claims Association With QAnon

A destroyed face mask display in an Arizona Target makes another Karen go viral, but this woman claims she’s working with the deep-state and President Trump.

TikTok Star Addison Rae ACCUSED of Blackfishing

A recent video of TikTok star Addison Rae has people questioning her makeup routine and whether or not she was going for a different look. After being accused of “blackfishing”, the Internet has taken a closer look into Addison’s recent online criticisms.

TikTok Teens Pull Shopping Cart Abandonment Scheme on Trump

The TikTok teens are trolling again and this time they’re adding all of the merchandise in President Trump’s online store to their carts with no intention of buying any of it, leading to MAJOR problems for the Trump campaign team.

Twitter Claims ‘Aunt Karen’ as Potential New Syrup Name

Aunt Jemima is changing its name based on racist history, and Twitter has a few suggestions. ‘Aunt Karen’ as a new name began circulating the internet in response to the brand’s statement and it seems like the name’s catching on. Well, on the internet at least.

Lizzo Calls Out Body Shamers and Racists Amid #BlackLivesMatter

Lizzo is using her platform to cover all the hot topic conversations. Whether she’s amplifying voices in the Black Lives Matter movement or clapping back against body shamers, she’s using her following for good. Stay winning, girl.

Seattle Protestor Gives Interview After Being SHOT

Videos from the Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle on Sunday show a man driving into a crowd of protestors, scattering people and shooting a man who tried to stop him. The victim was critically injured but still gave an interview as he walked down the street being treated by medics. The protests had largely been peaceful up until that point in the day, when this scene escalated and sent people scattering. Earlier, the Seattle Police Department put together an improper barricade to direct protestors, which led to the people of Seattle warning one another of the potential danger if