Lohanthony Makes YouTube Return in Video Denouncing Homosexuality

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Former YouTube star Lohanthony has made two new videos describing his newfound Christianity and seems to denounce his past homosexual behavior, causing fans to speculate about his behavior. This does not sound like the Lohanthony we knew who used to twerk to Nicki Minaj…

Anthony Quintal, who goes under the Youtube name “Lohanthony”, gained millions of subscribers across the internet as a Britney Spears obsessed high school student who made funny videos about pop culture drama and internet trends, and would often collaborate with other popular YouTubers of the time.

But over the last year, Anthony deleted all of his videos from his channel and began posting religious content, leading fans to think he has undergone a sense of spiritual awakening. Very different from his past self as the drama hungry teenager we once saw making videos in his bedroom, but good for him for finding the faith he needs in his life.

He first posted a 25 minute video titled, “why Christ? – my testimony to Jesus” where he introduces himself and says that he is “centered in Christ”.


And the second post is a 42 minute video titled, “Jesus delivers – surviving sexuality” where he includes a trigger warning about sexual assault.



In this particular video it gets concerning when he says things about his past as a gay man like, “It’s no coincidence that through pursuing my same-sex attraction, I was also addicted to alcohol, I was also addicted to weed, I was also trying hallucinogenics, I was also addicted to money, I was addicted to views, I was addicted to attention,” and that he is practicing “Christian celibacy”, which is a step down from conversion therapy.

He also mentions that his is the victim of sexual abuse from an “older boy” when he was a child and that trauma was part of what led him to find God.

This video kind of leaves me at a loss for words. I’m all for finding what makes a person happy and fulfilled but to go as far and blame his sexuality on his addiction is where I am concerned. There is also such a stark difference between his old videos and who he used to be, and to now see a completely different person only a few years later makes me a little suspicious of the whole thing.

Lohanthony disabled the comments on his videos so fans took to Twitter to air their opinions and concerns. A major thought among users was that Anthony went through conversion therapy, which is the practice of trying to change a person’s sexual identity through psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions.


As these examples show, some people feel that Anthony returning to his popular platform as a homophobic Christian is a little too shocking to be true, but anything could happen in 2020. It is hard to grasp how a person would link their sexuality on abuse or addiction though…

But other fans are wishing him love and hoping he gets the help he needs, as we all remember the fun Lohanthony of the early 2010 YouTube era. He once was an advocate for LGBTQ organizations but it seems that he has now turned his back on them.

Nonetheless, these few videos and recent Twitter and Instagram posts have us shaking our heads about this situation with Lohanthony. Did something sketchy really happen? Is this just a phase for the young YouTuber? Will he see how problematic his comments are? Let us know, but please be respectful in the comments.

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