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Confrontation over a mask sparked between a Tennessee pastor and a Dunkin’ employee. The well-known pastor on the internet took to Facebook Live to film a rant in response to the situation, proclaiming how masks are used as compliance tools by the government.

An anti-LGBT, Trump-obsessed pastor made a viral video about how he threatened a Dunkin’ Donuts employee after he had been asked to wear a mask while in the store. The video has gained traction and people now have a lot of opinions about this pastor’s sermon.

Greg Locke, the conservative pastor in question, took to Facebook Live after this altercation inside the Dunkin’ store. The pastor has a large following online, boasting over 50,000 Twitter followers and 1.6 million likes on Facebook, so this broadcast spread around the internet quickly.

The video shows Locke inside his car recounting the scene where he came into the store without a mask and the employee, who he called a “Nazi Skippy”, asked him to wear a face mask the next time he comes in to grab his coffee.

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The entire video is 13 minutes of the guy just rambling about how he was disrespected and how masks are gags that come between the body and the lord, claiming that he is “not in compliance. [He is] in defiance.”

When recounting his side of the story, Locke said in regard to the employee who asked him to put a mask on, “He didn’t have to embarrass me, but he did.” Sounds like his pride was hurt more than anything but honestly who knows.

He then went on to preach peace, saying, “I was doing everything I could, spiritually, not to come over the counter, and still be a pastor in public, because I’m sure there are cameras everywhere because people recognize me all over the place.”

Well, at least this guy has had some PR training and knows that people are watching him. Anyway, he further went on to talk about how this is “still the United States of America” and that he doesn’t live in a communist society like China or Haiti.

Locke does mention that even though the Dunkin’ Donuts in question had a mandatory mask sign on their door, the rule had not been enforced each time that the pastor went to get his coffee, until this time which resulted in this awful rant

Then, an announcement from Dunkin’ Donuts themselves was released days after this video went viral. The release said that all guests will now be required to wear face masks in their stores.

It said, “At Dunkin’, where we already require all restaurant employees to wear face masks and have updated our health and safety standards to reflect the times, we believe that wearing a mask is a simple step we can all take to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and help to keep guests and restaurant crew safe.”

America runs on Dunkin’ people and this is what I like to see. Good to know my daily coffee spot follows through.

Now let’s take a look at some social media comments about this subject though, shall we?

Let’s use this video as an example of what happens when people become hateful, don’t wear their masks and use the internet to voice their opinions like this. Shows that you can go viral for allllll the wrong reasons.

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