Kevin Hart Claims to Break Multiple Bones in Production of Die Hart 2: Die Harter on Roku Channel

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Kevin Hart officially comes back as himself in the new movie “Die Hart 2: Die Harter” on the Roku Channel.

In an exclusive interview with What’s Trending, Hart shared how the comedy series playing himself alongside star studded cast members came about.

The trailer for season 2, which dropped a few weeks ago, shows newcomers like John Cena’s character “Mr. 206.” Introduced to viewers holding a crossbow, the daring character with chest a-blazing appears grizzly like but changes his tone with characters like Hart immediately asking “How do you like your tea?”

Others in the new season include actors Ben Schwartz, Paula Bell, and Nathalie Emmanuel reprising her role as Jordan King. Eric Appell also returns to directing the series with co-creator Tripper Clancy as a writer for the action-comedy. In our conversation with Hart, the actor states the outstanding cast including John Travolta and more was an astounding lineup for season one viewers, and the team were excited to get going on another installment.

As Season 2 kicks, Hart is attempting to establish his reputation as the “greatest action star of all time” by developing an unscripted feature. However, these plans come to a halt when enemies from past interviews interfere. In regards to Hart’s performance, the actor states the character he plays is an exaggerated version of his everyday self. The star also claims he embraces poking fun at himself and going above and beyond for viewers alike.


In regards to doing his own stunts, Hart stated, “As a stuntman, a guy who embraces the world of action, it was a big deal for me to do them all. Every stunt that you saw me doing in this film, I really approached. There’s only a few actors who do their own stunts in this in today’s time and that’s myself, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford, there’s not many more.

The comedy star continued saying, “I broke a rib, I broke a foot during this project and I’m still a little banged up but i’ll be fine.”

Hart claims he’s done a wide variety of stunts and he’s really done it all. From scaling a huge building. jumping off a plane, to even jumping double dutch – the actor really has put himself out there. “Die Hart 2: Die Harter” will be available for streaming March 31 on the Roku Channel.

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