Kevin Hart Mainly Talks About How Bad He Feels For Himself In “Ellen” Appearance

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Narcissism is an interesting thing. It can paint all this hurt and all this toxic behavior that a human being can cause, and cut the victim right out from it. We’ve seen it with Trump countless times, as he paints “fake news” as criticism of him, and we’ve seen it with Louis CK in the past week. You see, when Louis CK was caught committing countless acts of sexual assault, he decided the bad guy to his career wasn’t himself for committing these acts and giving his employers no choice but to fire him. No! It was us for being mad at him in the first place! It’s the same tactic that Kevin Hart has made the personal decision to employ during his appearance with Ellen when he tried to explain himself and his homophobic Tweets, and his decision to step down from the Academy Awards, but all the while focusing more on his own frustration in losing the job, and why he still feels that he didn’t owe an explanation, rather than the content of what he said.

The video is… cringeworthy. I found it hard to watch. During his six minute spiel to the Ellen DeGeneres audience, Kevin Hart covers how hosting the Oscars was on his vision board, covers how he’s apologized for the Tweets in the past (not sorry enough to delete them until he thought they could get him into trouble though, you might notice), about how heroic it was of him to step down (again, no mention of his rancid non apology, where he blamed the gay community for not being able to be happy for him, and not a huge fight when Ellen offered to help the Academy hire him back as host). No mention of the gay community or what he will do to help the gay community.

But here’s the thing. It’s not really about wether or not he grew. It’s about people who still feel uncomfortable coming out to their parents who maybe sympathize with Kevin hart’s old Tweet and joke. Kevin Hart makes the fallout of his comments less about the gay community and, like in his absolutely awful non apology, blames us for not recognizing his rich personal journey.

Of course, it’s too much to ask for Kevin Hart to let us in on his personal journey. It’s a personal journey that could be denoted with donations to The Trevor Project, and possibly comments that show how much he grew in the form of a piece in his new stand up set. Jokes that could communicate to his audience that being gay is nothing to fear, and if his son came out he would, at the least, not be a huge creep about it.

This appearance on Ellen stunk. Even though Ellen said she would encourage the Academy to reinstate Kevin Hart as host, it’s clear Hart learned nothing, and if the Academy reinstates him, they have learned nothing either. Why should Kevin Hart have a second chance when so many comedians have not had their first? Comedians who don’t lash out when questioned or who never used their massive platform to encourage parents to beat their kids for being gay.

As always, I encourage the Academy to ask Hannah Gadsby to host because, if nothing else, it would make everyone who wants to excuse Kevin Hart’s behavior mad.


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