Kim Kardashian Unveils New Skims Campaign Featuring Models With Disabilities

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Kim Kardashian West celebrates the launch of SKIMS at Nordstrom NYC on February 05, 2020 in New York City.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Nordstrom

Kim Kardashian’s shape wear company, SKIMS, was first launched in 2019, and has become increasingly popular since its launch after Kardashian expanded the size range. On the company’s website, models are seen wearing a wide variety of sizes, and the clothing additionally offers nude colored garments suitable for an extensive range of different skin tones. The latest marketing move was to include models with disabilities for Kim’s latest product launch–undergarments that allow people living with disabilities that limit mobility in their legs to dress themselves, known as adaptive clothing.

TikTok creators living with disabilities praised the product launch, as it is normalizing models with disabilities, and inviting other popular clothing brands to consider making more accessible clothing options. Conservative media personality Candace Owens was quick to criticize Kardashian’s brand choice, and several TikTok creators fired back at her negative commentary.


Candace Owens your ableist views are BEYOND unnecessary and out of pocket. Accessible & Adaptive fashion is NECESSARY and inclusivity is imperative. What @SKIMS has done with this line is NEEDED and your ableist nonsense is exhausting ???? – #skims #skimsadaptive #ableism #ableist #disability #disabled #disabilitytiktok #candaceowens

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Taylor Lindsay-Noel (@accesbytay) took to TikTok to explain the importance of understanding the need for inclusivity, specifically from able-bodied people who have not dealt with the same day-to-day challenges as people with disabilities. Noel went on to share that she was born able-bodied, and has experienced both ends of the situation.

Another TikTok creator named Steffi G. (@therealsteffig) also stitched Owens’ negative commentary to fight against the stereotypical perceptions about people with disabilities. Commenters on the video suggested that Steffi check out other brands who recently announced their commitment to inclusivity of the disabled community, including Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty and Lizzo’s Yitty.


#stitch with @chronicallyillandhot I need EVERY SINGLE PERSON to tag @thecandaceshow because I have a very VERY important message for her – the answer to her question “how far are we gonna take this inclusivity thing” i’ll tell you how far. This is personal, this is an attack on me and my community, and just as much as she gets to voice her very much ignorant and hurtful opinion on this platform SO CAN I. No amount of Candace Owens will EVER make me stop this journey for inclusion. Because she just reminded me how much more work there’s to be done. To Candace and everyone who agrees with her: you’ll see my face, my body and my wheelchair in your favorite beauty and clothing brands. And when you quit social media because you can’t stand seeing it – I’LL BE ON NYC BILLBOARDS AND LA STOREFRONTS. #candaceowens #candaceowensisignorant #ableism #ableismisreal #skims #disabilityrepresentation #representationmatters #disabledmodel

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Another TikTok creator named Liv (@chronicallyillandhot) used her platform to break down exactly what adaptive clothing is, and how it improves the lives of people living with disabilities.



Unfortunately, Ms. Owens is not the only one who reacts this way. Just read some of my comments. But disabled people arent going anywhere, so get over it???? VD: I am a white woman with auburn hair and blue eyes, wearing a black tank top facing the camera. Clips of Candace Owen, a black woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes wearing a taupe blouse, reacting to an ad of a woman in a wheelchair are shown and then I am showing my adaptive clothing pieces, then speaking to the camera again. Caption reads “Candace Owens calls ad showing woman in wheelchair “stupid”” in black text in a white bubble. Captions are white text with black border. #candaceowens#kimkardashian#skims#skimsadaptive#adaptiveclothing#disabilityawareness#chronicillnessawareness#chronicillness#disability#ehlersdanlossyndrome#orthostatichypotension#dysotonomia#autonomicdysfunction

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On Twitter, many pointed out that Kardashian’s inclusion of models with disabilities to showcase the adaptive clothing line could pave the way for more opportunities in the fashion industry for the disabled community. The Kardashian family has notably founded several clothing, makeup, and skincare lines throughout their careers in the public eye, and Kardashian’s use of her major platform could make way for positive changes.

Candace Owens attracted further criticism on Twitter. SKIMS’ adaptive clothing allows for more personal privacy and independence for the disabled community, and some felt that Owens comments on such a personal matter were out of line.


One of the models from the SKIMS campaign came forward and commented on Owens’ video. Haleigh Rosa emphasized the importance of normalizing the visibility of people with disabilities in fashion campaigns, and told viewers to get more comfortable with seeing disabled bodies in the media.


#stitch with @chronicallyillandhot take a hike ✌????#skims #disability #candaceowens #model #disabledmodel

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Adaptive clothing in a wide range of sizes, colors, and cuts is now available on the SKIMS official website. Kardashian is yet to comment on Owens’ criticism of the inclusion of models with disabilities in her SKIMS campaign.

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