Kylie Kelce Stands Up To Tabloids For Insinuating She Does Not Support Taylor Swift And Travis’ Relationship

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Kylie Kelce, who is married to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce (famously Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce‘s brother) has suddenly found herself in a new spotlight amid her brother-in-law’s high profile relationship with Taylor Swift. A number of publications have allegedly twisted her words to insinuate that she did not support Swift and that the singer was stealing the spotlight from the NFL. Now, Kylie Kelce has had enough. She shared a TikTok correcting the public image of her opinion of Swift and another fellow Eagles wife, and was nothing but supportive of both women.



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Kylie and her children, Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett, occasionally appear on the NFL brothers’ “New Heights” podcast, but have long maintained a low profile in the public eye outside of the family’s philanthropic works. Now, all eyes are on the Kelce clan as Swifties now follow the lives of the NFL family in the months since Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce was made public. The Kelce family dynamic continues to attract praise, with many finding the Kelce brother’s seemingly non-toxic masculinity refreshing in the NFL. Others continue to draw comparisons between the Kelce matriarch Donna Kelce and Swift’s mother Andrea Swift. The families were allegedly to meet at a recent Chiefs game, but the union was postponed due to several rained out shows on the singer’s “Eras Tour” in Brazil.


Yall OMG this is so freaking cute. Father is fathering with his adorable nieces on @New Heights @Travis Kelce @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #swifties @#erasmovie #87 #swiftietiktok :video credit new heights

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#greenscreen When are we getting the Andrea Swift x Donna Kelce hard launch? We’re ready for them to be besties 😩🥹🩷 #donnakelce #andreaswiftdonnakelce #andreaswift #swiftiesoftiktok #traviskelcetaylorswift #taylorswifttraviskelce #tayvis #tayvis2023 #swiftok

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Swift was spotted last night in Wisconsin for the Chiefs vs. Packers game repping the Chiefs signature red. The singer is on a break from her world tour for the rest of the month, and is set to resume touring in Japan in February.


The pair first united when a few months ago, his home stadium of Arrowhead was converted to a concert venue in the city for Swift’s tour, and the singer left a lasting impression on the NFL tight end. The Kelce brothers recounted Travis becoming enchanted with Swift, and getting creative with trying to get her attention. The NFL star admitted that he attempted to hand Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.


Kylie Kelce’s clap back against the tabloids for allegedly misquoting her is nothing new in Swift’s circle. The singer’s longtime friends actress-singer Selena Gomez and model Gigi Hadid have also spoken out after various organizations claimed that they did not support how “public” her relationship with Kelce is. Hadid recently wrote on Instagram,”Didn’t the press try this last week w Selena? Let it be.. we are all over the moon for our girl. Period.”

Gomez, Hadid, and Brittany Maholmes (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Maholmes’ wife) have all since been seen spending time together in both New York City and Kansas City. A number of the publications involved are yet to print retractions on the alleged misinformation.

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