Lana Del Rey Is Working A Summer Job At Waffle House

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Acclaimed alternative rock fusion artist Lana Del Rey is known for her vintage Americana aesthetic’s role in her music. This summer, Del Rey is investigating one of the very communities she writes about up close and personally. The singer was spotted working at a Waffle House in Florence, Alabama. The city is situated in northwestern Alabama in an area considered the Shoals. The region is home to a number of historical sites, notably the birthplace of Helen Keller.

Del Rey was spotted at a local Starbucks and a local nail salon before fans ran into her at Waffle House. The southern regional chain is a mainstay across countless small towns in rural and suburban America. The singer’s 2021 album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” contains numerous references to different locations throughout the south.

Now, fans and coworkers alike continue to share photos with Del Rey in her Waffle House uniform. There is reportedly no film crew present, so a music video theory might be out of the question. Del Rey’s most recent album, “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”, was released in March 2023.

Fan Reactions

Fans of the singer continue to share their encounters with her on TikTok. The singer first reached mainstream fame a decade ago with her track “Summertime Sadness.” She has since reached a younger audience with her hit tracks “West Coast,” “Radio,” and “Let The Light In” featuring Father John Misty. Each has inspired a barrage of different TikTok trends over the past few years.


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♬ Radio – Lana Del Rey

Del Rey’s Americana stylings and anecdotal songwriting style have many suspecting that she is plotting her next album under the roof of the humble Waffle House.


Locals continue to express their surprise at the famous musician’s choice to spend her July at the local restaurant. The singer most recently performed at Glastonbury Fest in the U.K.


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♬ go go dancer – cae

What Is Lana Del Rey Cooking?

Del Rey’s most recent album had a notoriously lengthy title, and fans of the singer are jokingly casting their votes about what the next album might be called after her Waffle House experience.

The singer sat down with fans to get to know the community in between shifts.


A fan told a local news outlet and Billboard that Del Rey told a few customers that she is currently “working on a new recording.”

All in all, fans of the singer and avid pop culture followers remain shocked at the randomness of the situation.

Another Twitter user joked that Del Rey’s summer job is the least shocking pop culture moment to hit the music industry as of late. Just yesterday, news broke that pop star Ariana Grande is allegedly dating “Wicked” costar Ethan Slater.

Lana Del Rey has not confirmed what the meaning of her Waffle House summer job is yet.

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