Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Was Too ‘Dark’

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“Did I fail a vision test or did anyone else not see what the f*** was going on for like 90% of the episode?” Comic book author B.J. Mendelson said what everyone was thinking on Sunday after watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, the hit Home Box Office (HBO) series.

Game of Thrones, is a dark and disturbing show. However, the most recent episode was ‘dark’ in a different way. “The Long Night” featured the largest battle ever filmed for the series. Unfortunately, many couldn’t enjoy it because they found it hard to see. Viewers took to twitter to express their frustration.

“Did HBO call this the largest battle in cinematic history knowing we wouldn’t be able to see if aim was true?” One user pondered. Another wrote, “People are really out here defending the lighting choices in Game of Thrones and I have to squint at that. It’s not “authentic.” It’s a fantasy TV show. ‘But the Night King can obscure their vision it’s simulating that!’ TELEVISION IS A VISUAL MEDIA. I’m weeping.”

However, other viewers defended the cinematography style of the episode. Some even praised the creators for their realistic portrayal of the conditions. Sure we can’t see anything on #GameofThrones without squinting, but the thing is, it’s DARK at night and the ice dragon show is extremely committed to realism.” One viewer said. And HBO certainly did commit a lot of time effort to the episode. reported “the battle took 55 nights in frigid temps to film in Northern Ireland and weeks more in a studio.”

While fans are divided on whether or not the show creators took their dark look a little too far, this most likely won’t deter them from finishing out the show’s epic final season.  

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