Leah Remini Responds to ‘King Of Queens’ Memes Sweeping the Internet

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Actress Leah Remini is reminiscing on her on set memories from “King of Queens” after her TV husband Kevin James was memed across the internet. The show hits its 25 year anniversary this year.

The show aired from 1998 to 2007. Since the popular sitcom, Remini has pursued activism against the Church of Scientology for their alleged abuse. James has continued to have a career in comedy and acting, and notably appeared in the “Paul Blart Mall Cop” and “Grown Ups” franchises. Other cast members included the late Jerry Stiller, Amy Stiller, Patton Oswalt, Larry Romano, Merrin Dungey, and more.

Fans of Remini and the show continue to praise her performance, the show’s realistic writing on relationships, and more. Some called for a reunion special, as Remini and James remain close friends.

A humorous promotional image of James in character shrugging in a kitchen wearing a flannel shirt has taken over X timelines and TikTok, paired with a slew of comedic captions aimed towards a variety of audiences.  “King of Queens” starred James opposite Leah Remini as a married couple navigating the humorously awkward family dynamics of living with their in-laws.


The Memes

LOS ANGELES - CIRCA 2000: Comedian Kevin James poses for a portrait circa 2002 in Los Angeles, California
LOS ANGELES – CIRCA 2000: Comedian Kevin James poses for a portrait circa 2002 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)


The captions range from awkward dates, Paramore concerts, and more. It remains unclear why this image and similar promotional images have resurfaced online. The phenomenon is similar to the resurfacing of numerous stock images of comedian Kevin Hart several months ago. The type of meme that these images are used in is often referred to as “reaction pics”. The photos are often paired with humorous pop culture or satirical political references.

James’ memes are out to dethrone Hart’s memes and the Pedro Pascal memes from early 2023. Pascal’s meme was a series of photos of his character in “The Last of Us” experiencing chest pain from anxiety, coupled with humorous captions about the stresses of daily life. James’ memes, on the contrary, reflect happier times.


Elsewhere, some reflect on their own iterations of some other memeable cast photos.

The memes have largely drawn attention back to the sitcom, with some viewers sharing some of their favorite scenes and favorite characters.

Kevin James’ Response

The actor and comedian is taking his moment in the meme spotlight in stride, using his infamous pose to promote his new comedy tour.

It remains unclear whether a 25 year reunion for “King Of Queens” is on the way, but Kevin James is certainly the new king of memes.

American actor, comedian and writer Kevin James, 1999.
American actor, comedian and writer Kevin James, 1999. (Photo by Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images)


Tickets for James’ upcoming tour are available for purchase here.

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