Lily Jay, Ex-Wife Of Ethan Slater Speaks Out On Ariana Grande Rumors

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Rumors continue to circulate regarding a scandal on the set of “Wicked.” Pop star and actress Ariana Grande stars in the film as Glinda, while “Spongebob the Musical” alum Ethan Slater will play Boq. Grande’s representative confirmed that the singer filed for divorce from her husband of two years, luxury real estate broker Dalton Gomez. Amid news of the divorce, rumors circulated of an emerging relationship between Grande and Slater.

Slater allegedly separated from his wife our four years two months ago. Previous to their marriage, Slater and his wife Lily Jay were high school sweethearts, and were in a relationship for a decade. The couple share a child, born last year. Amid the ongoing internet frenzy regarding the relationship, Lily Jay gave an exclusive statement to Page Six. “[Ariana’s] the story really. Not a girl’s girl. My family is just collateral damage,” Jay said.

Jay and Slater met in high school in Silver Spring, Maryland. The length of their relationship coupled with the child they share together has fans of Grande and pop culture fanatics alike seriously questioning Grande’s ethics in the situation.

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Many are returning back to Grande’s several previous high-profile relationships. Grande previously dated comedian Pete Davidson, rapper Big Sean, rapper Mac Miller, musician Nathan Sykes, dancer Ricky Alvarez, and  actor Jai Brooks. The common denominator in each relationship is alleged cheating, either on Grande’s part, or the part of her partners.

Mac Miller‘s ex-girlfriend Nomi Leasure previously alleged that Miller had cheated on her with Grande. Cazzie David, Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend, once claimed that the comedian broke up with her via text shortly before news broke that he was in a relationship with Grande. The late Naya Rivera additionally revealed in her memoir that she once caught Grande at her then fiancé Big Sean’s home, insinuating cheating allegations.


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The rerun of a series of cheating allegations have many choosing to stand with Slater’s now ex-wife Lily Jay, and reopening the conversation surrounding what it means to be a “girl’s girl.”


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Elsewhere, others continue to joke about one of the most controversial relationships in the entertainment industry. Actor Aaron Taylor Johnson met his now wife, director Sam Taylor Johnson, when he was 18 years old and she was 42. The striking age gap continues to spark conversations surrounding grooming in the entertainment industry. After rumors previously falsely stated that actress Joey King had an affair with Johnson during the press tour for “Bullet Train,” some fans of the actor joke that only Ariana can break up the marriage.

Neither Grande nor Slater have spoken directly on their alleged relationship, though Jay’s statement today could have served as a confirmation. “Wicked” wrapped filming in the U.K. this month.


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