Former Nickelodeon Star Lindsey Shaw Called Out for Racist Behavior on TikTok

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Former Ned’s Declassified star Lindsey Shaw has announced she is taking a social media break after being criticized for making fun of a viral TikTok dance created by Black creators.

The video Shaw posted has since been deleted but not before other creators saved the video to react to. The original video is a trend of Black creators dancing and having fun, and the trend is usually someone pretending to dance with them. Shaw reacted to this video and says “What is this? Are we okay?” and then mocks the dance.


Reply to @taradaley she deleted it but here it is #DontSpillChallenge

♬ original sound – candace

Many people were quick to call out Shaw for making fun of a harmless dance that was made popular by Black creators.

TikTok user @AuntKaren0, who is known for calling out racist creators, asked why she was making fun of a video popularized by Black creators.
She had also praised her friend who was white for doing the dance in a similar video and participating in the trend, commenting “Get it!!” Many were confused why Shaw would praise one for doing the dance but also making fun of other creators participating.

Some disagreed with the hate Shaw was getting, saying that her actions were not necessarily racist. However, she was getting a lot of criticism from multiple popular creators who were trying to address Shaw’s problem with a dance made popular by a Black creator.

Shaw’s Response

When called out for her response to the dance, many claimed that she went for “crocodile tears” referring to the emotional response she documented on Instagram stories. She cries and explains that she did not mean to offend anybody and was just trying to poke fun at a dance she did not like. However, many are stating that it goes beyond making fun of the dance.


In the comment section, which has now been deleted, Shaw allowed racially influenced bullying to happen. When a Black creator stated that it was part of their culture, Shaw made this into a joke and opened the door for others to make fun of Black culture.


Reply to @ceramicsbydot he explained everything perfectly. thank you. @fameblack

♬ original sound – candace

Many do not believe Shaw’s emotional apology, as they believe she was trying to earn sympathy. There were also comments made regarding her apology, as she never said that she was sorry for her actions but instead apologized that people were offended.

Instead of actually owning up to offending people, she cried and avoided the apology altogether. Shaw has since been quiet since posting her emotional video, as she said she needed to take a social media break for her mental health.

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