Liz Truss Trolled on the Internet After Stepping Down as UK Prime Minister

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Photo: Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images

Liz Truss literally lasted six weeks in office. The UK is going to need a lot of help to get through this one. 

So Liz Truss did a complete 180 and everyone online is super confused about what happened. 

Boris Johnson left office a while ago in the midst of scandal, and so much more, and then Liz Truss, conservative party leader took over in the interim. It was a surprise to some but not to others, that she was then trolled by a lot of people online.

But why was Liz disliked for the majority of her few interim months? Well Truss practiced what some call poor politics. Truss refused to appoint anyone into government that did not support her campaign which left her with a limited amount of talent, so to speak.

To her, anyone on staff was deemed either a friend or an enemy, which is not a good way to get started in office. 


The lack of talent was so scarce that Truss actually fired her chancellor and home secretary within the first two months of office. In addition, Truss was standing almost exclusively for policies that her party wanted than, over what the country as a whole currently needs.

People even compared Truss to a head of lettuce, wondering which would last longer…

And People were wound up over the way she’s communicated with other party members. Some claimed that she couldn’t relax, and was perpetually defensive about her own policies and behaviors. To be specific, people were not too happy about business taxes being reduced in the middle of a cost of living crisis. 


People were the most upset though when she announced she was going to cut taxes for the rich. In interviews, the prime minister boldly put out Thatcherism values, showing no compassion for lower class families & individuals. 

Fellow Political leaders have been more than displeased with Truss’ responses and reactions on policy conversations that they had no chance but to take a more abrupt approach. 

People on the internet went wild with comments. 

So in the end, we will see what the future of the UK will hold. We’re just happy to see Truss out. 

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