Liza Koshy Discusses Break Up on Colbert

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It’s been exciting watching Liza Koshy go from YouTube‘s most charming so and so to mainstream’s most charming so and so. As she prepares to begin hosting the reboot of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare, she made her late-night debut in front of the desk of Stephen Colbert, trading quips and whatnot with the late show host.

The energy, as you can see in the video above, was equal parts charming, informative, amazing and sweet. Koshy discussed her meeting with Obama (how nice he smells and her crush on him) and how her meeting Colbert may be the last major celebrity she’s been dying to meet (he is her parents’ crash after all).

All that, and Koshy went into details on her break up from David Dobrik, and the heartbreaking YouTube video that was posted about it six months after. She tells Colbert they’re still friends, but Colbert, from the wisdom of his years, tells her that might not the best idea. With his past relationships, it was always — he wishes the best for them, and hopes they’re doing well, but somewhere else, of course.

The interview is charming and delightful.

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