Luke Combs Gets Unexpected Backlash After Release of New Album

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Country artist Luke Combs released his new deluxe album which quickly made its’ way to the top charts. But with the overwhelming support for the new album come some questionable old tweets that have resurfaced creating the hashtag #Lukecombsisoverparty.

Old Tweets

In some of tweets of his, Luke Combs is criticizing top female artists Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. The tweets date back from 2011 but the most recent one is from 2017.


People are going back to these tweets demanding a response from Luke Combs.


The hashtag #Lukecombsisoverparty started trending shortly after the tweets caught people’s attention. Many criticized the kind of person he was before he became so popular. Combs has been added to the list of stars that face cancel culture.

This user tweeted out images of what appears to be screengrabs of Comb’s tweets. The images have been tweeted several times. The tweets included racists and homophobic remarks. However, it’s unclear if the tweets are photoshopped, as no one has actually linked them from his timeline.

The only tweets that can be confirmed are the ones that are linked directly from his account like the ones shown below.


This Lady Gaga fan comes to the defense of the women Combs called out. The fan tweeted out, telling the different fan bases to come after him while also promoting Ariana Grande’s new single Positions.

New Deluxe Album

Luke Combs has been dropping a lot of new songs during the pandemic. He posted many songs on his social media. Today, he dropped the deluxe version of his album called What You See Ain’t Always What You Get. This album is an expansion of his previous album from 2019 What You See Is What You Get. The songs from the 2019 album spent over 25 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Combs wrote about 50 songs while being home during the Coronavirus pandemic. This album, however only features a few new ones.

The country artist even participated in a TikTok trend that got millions of likes. The trend was videos of people showing their different journeys getting to the success of where they are now. Combs made his video about when he started country music to where he is now. In the video, he shows how he started playing in bars and then shows the big crowds at stadiums.

He currently holds the most CMA Award nominations this year with a total of six nominations. In an interview, Luke Combs explains the process for the songs featured on the album. In an interview, Combs explains that the fan-favorite Forever After All is the first song he had written in his house in Tennessee. “It’s one of those songs that we’ve been trying to hold back for a long time, and not play. We know how much we loved it and how much we thought people would like it, so I’m glad that everybody’s finally gonna get a chance to hear it,” he said.

Ariana Grande 

Pop superstar Ariana Grande released her new single Positions. Despite the album just being released today, it has already made the top charts. However, it is competing with Luke Combs’s new album.

The single is part of her upcoming album. The single teases fans of what the new album will sound like. The new album is supposed to drop next week on the 30th.

The song is her first solo release since her Thank U, Next album back in 2019. Since then she has released collaborations with artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

In the music video, Grande is featured as a president in the White House. The video got attention not only for the artist’s powerful vocals and fashionable looks but also for the impressive cinematography.

Ariana Grande’s fans started a hashtag of their own to promote the song, encouraging fans to buy the song using #buypositions. After Combs’s old tweets have caught people’s attention, people are upset that his song is the one that’s number one in the charts.

This user tweeting out that the country artist is not deserving of being on the top charts.

Fans Support  

Although Luke Combs is receiving backlash for his past tweets, his fans have not hesitated to show their love for the country artist. Fans have been tweeting their favorite songs. Many agreeing the best song on the album is Forever After All. While other fans just show their love for the entire album.

The country artist has been pretty busy this year with releasing new music, getting married, and even hosting a fundraiser to help service industry workers because of the pandemic. He even live-streamed several concerts for his fans on his social media. Combs has been nominated for Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year for this year’s Country Music Awards.

Having his old tweets resurface right as his album comes out might not be a coincidence. But it does not excuse the things he said in them. Do you think he will delete them and apologize? Or will he ignore the hate?

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