Man Hangs 300 Signs Up Apologizing To Girlfriend in Maharashtra, India

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As ten thousand internet memes have at this point made easily known, the kinds of antics that were once thought adorable by the rom com heroes of the past would now maybe bring about a full fledged police investigation. And in this story that is precisely what happened, after the police discovered around three hundred banners, each of them saying the words “Shivde, I Am Sorry!! <3”

So who is Shivde? Well, as my introduction indicates, Shivde is the girlfriend of Indian businessman Nilesh Khedekar. Nilesh is a 25 year old bussiness man who hung these signs up along Shivde’s route to work. The signs all say the same thing with the same semi desperate syntax — with the woman’s name first, then I am sorry, then a really anxious emoji. It’s the way you apologize when you’re crying while texting into an iPhone, and now commuters all of Maharashtra can know probably the same thing Shivde already knows: Nilesh is kind of extra, right? Nilesh, my dude. Just send her flowers you weirdo. Flowers are cheaper than 300 signs that weird everyone out. Oh, and they’re cheaper than your bail probably.

Oh yeah, that’s right. The police got involved. And no. Not the love police. That’s a fake thing. The real police. Said a police official, as quoted on NDTV.coml:

“We managed to zero in on his friend Vilas Shinde who had helped Khedekar get the flex hoardings printed. Through him, we traced Khedekar who is the brain behind this act. The girl was coming on Friday to the area from Mumbai. Under the cover of darkness in the intervening night of Thursday and Friday, over 300 hoardings were put up on the route which the girl was likely to take.”

The police is letting the local community figure out what to do about Nilesh, but I know one thing. Shivde. Don’t take him back. This sucks.

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