Margot Robbie’s Doppelgänger Goes Viral on TikTok

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emmasofija on TikTok

One thing TikTok has taught us is there are a lot of celebrity doppelgängers out there and this latest viral video is no exception. This TikTok user and UCLA computer science student named Emma has now gone viral for her looks. Mainly because she looks identical to movie star Margot Robbie.


Margot Robbie or a UCLA student? Honestly, hard to tell (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @emma sofija) #viral #margotrobbie #celeblookalike #tiktokfilters

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This all started when Emma created a celebrity look alike filter on TikTok, yes you read that correctly, she created it. Naturally, the filter said she looks like Margot Robbie and while she didn’t see it at first, she even called herself Walmart Margot Robbie, it didn’t take long for the filter to gain attention. Also, people couldn’t help but notice the woman who created this filter is Margot Robbie’s twin.

Emma went on to create a new version of her filter and once again it showed her similarities to Margot Robbie. In fact, that video has over eight million views. 

Emma made one more video and took it one step further and copied Margot’s makeup in the photo after a comment requested it. After that video, there’s no doubt she is Margot Robbie’s long lost twin.

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