Marvel Fans are Disappointed about a Post-Credits Spoiler, but Excited Nonetheless to See Harry Styles Join the MCU

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Image: @Harry_Styles | Twitter

After the premiere of Marvel’s Eternals, Variety reporter Matt Donnelly surprised many MCU fans when he announced via Twitter a spoiler for the post-credit scene, which Marvel is known for. Though he spoiled a huge surprise revealed in the post-credits scene, he did not actually reveal anything relevant to the actual film or plot.

This came as a huge shock to everyone and definitely garnered different reactions. The most popular reaction was excitement that Harry Styles will be joining the MCU, as who doesn’t love Styles?

However, some were not happy that this was spoiled for them before they were given the chance to see it for themselves. Many fans, especially fans of MCU, looked forward to seeing the film and the post-credits scene, and though it does not spoil any portion of the film, it still came as a disappointment to some.

Some people commented on how they were lucky enough to be able to see it in the premiere and be able to see it before anybody, and that spoiling any portion of the film, no matter how relevant it might be, was extremely upsetting to both Harry Styles fans and MCU fans.


However, despite the irritation from some with the spoiler, many were overjoyed to see that Styles would be joining the MCU. In fact, many were the opposite of upset with the spoiling and joked that someone should leak the scene where Styles would be joining.

Though some were upset with the way they found out, it seemed that nobody was actually upset with Styles joining as Thanos’ brother, besides a few die-hard Marvel fans that do not care for Styles. Despite that, however, many were thrilled to see Styles and are very excited to see him in upcoming films.

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