Matt Gaetz’s Future Sister-In-Law Calls Him Out

Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault and pedophilia.
By Savannah Moss

Republican representative for Florida Matt Gaetz , who is currently being investigated for sex trafficking charges, is being called out online by his future sister in law. In videos that have since been removed, Roxanne Luckey called Gaetz a “literal pedophile” and explained a confrontation during Thanksgiving in which Gaetz called her a narcissist. The videos have been reposted by @meidastouch on Twitter.

She recalls that what she knows about Gaetz is “dangerous.” She also clarifies that she used the wrong word when describing him and instead of calling him a pedophile, she explains the term “ephebophilia” which is the attraction to mid-to-late adolescents, which usually ranges from ages 15 to 18. Though the word choice she uses changes to describe Gaetz, she does not excuse the creepy or predator like behavior.

Luckey explains how Gaetz once tried to set her up with a friend his age, who she reports was divorced with a child. When trying to explain her discomfort with the age difference, she explains how she has unfortunately dealt with being hit on and sexually assaulted by people who are in power. She explains how when she brings up the matchmaking to Gaetz during Thanksgiving, he did not take the confrontation well and became “immediately defensive” and began to yell at Luckey and her mother. This was when Gaetz called her a narcissist, which she believes was gaslighting her.

In addition, Luckey explains her reaction to the original allegations coming out. She explains how she was “not surprised.” She notes that it was not just her experience with Gaetz but also how she had previously heard things about him from other people in D.C. She admits that it could have just been hearsay but that Gaetz had a bad reputation for “prowling after college girls when he is a grown man, and to me, that’s just kind of weird.” Gaetz had previously been called out for weird behavior online after his allegations came out, such as  tweeting that Florida’s motto should be that there is no age that you can’t be sexy. With all of this information together, it is not looking good.