Maximizing your Minimalist Wallet: Organizational Tips and Tricks

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Maximizing your Minimalist Wallet: Organizational Tips and Tricks
Shuffle Wallet

Typically, the first line of defense against identity fraud and theft is to identify the items to ever keep in your wallet. Carrying around sensitive items in your wallet on the off chance that you might need them or simply forgetting to toss a used gift card is not the best practice when it comes to how you utilize your wallet. With a minimalist wallet, organization means getting rid of anything that can be thrown away, digitized, or stored elsewhere. Constant cleaning out and reviewing of totally necessary items in your minimalist wallet won’t be required because it is designed to accommodate just what you need for your daily activities. However, to enjoy an experience truly different from using the traditional wallet, here are a few easy steps you can take to effectively organize your minimalist wallet.

Assess what you carry

The first step in organizing your wallet is to know the contents, and to achieve this, all you must do is remove everything from your wallet and lay it out where you can properly see it.

Sitting at your dining table with your wallet contents laid in front of you may seem basic, but it is a critical step in evaluating what you’ve been carrying around with you. This takes you to the next step which is separating the contents of your wallets by type. Cash is in one corner, credit cards are in another, and gift cards are in a pile. With everything visibly laid out, you can now see how much of what you have and carry around, and you can proceed to the next step, which is downsizing.

Arrange your Wallet Contents in Order of Priority

There are different ways to prioritize the contents of your wallet, to decide what you need to carry around for your day-to-day activities and what to toss or keep in storage elsewhere. Identifying trash like old receipts and used or expired gift cards is a good place to start with downsizing the contents of your wallet. This is followed by removing items that are essential but do not need to be on your person daily, like your social security card; not only are you preventing it from getting lost or stolen, but you’re also freeing up the space for another item. 

Now that you’ve rid your wallet of the items you haven’t used in the last few months, it’s time to digitize what you can. The shuffle minimalist wallet has an NFC-enabled contact card, a technology that allows wireless data transfers from the wallet, therefore you don’t have to worry about that card that cannot be scanned by your smartphone, the wallet makes data sharing easy by placing it near any reader machine.


Shuffle Wallet
Shuffle Wallet

The shuffle minimalist wallet is designed with a cash clip size that is just enough for daily bill transactions. It also serves to measure your limit and prevent your wallet from overflowing with cash.

Organize Effectively 

With a minimalist wallet, items can easily be categorized into two types: cash and cards. The shuffle minimalist wallet has up to nine card slots and a cash clip included. Organize your cards by stacking them, with the one you use most often at the top and the one you use often placed beneath; this allows quick and easy access. When it comes to cash, fold up your bills with the smallest bills on the outside, then clip them into your ultra-slim lightweight wallet.

The next thing after the efficient organization is keeping your wallet neat, by knowing when to rid it of expired cards, and receipts that you mindlessly kept in the cash clip and always remembering to return a card to its right position after use, a second look at a business card to effectively decide if you want it in your wallet or if you need to keep it in a drawer at the office or at home.

Shuffle Wallet
Shuffle Walllet

The pleasant thing about a minimalist wallet is that it adjusts itself to the content it can contain, so once it’s filled up, it’s filled up, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need extra attention and care. To learn more about the shuffle minimalist wallet, read our story on Kickstarter.

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