TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Takes a Step Back From Social Media Following Backlash

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TikTok beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira addressed her 13 million followers for the first time after an out-of-context clip of her complaining about influencing went viral last week. She apologized for her comments while also announcing her indefinite break from social media.


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Nogueira drew a ton of backlash from an old video of her responding to a comment saying she needed to get “a 9 to 5 job” with complaints about how hard being an influencer is. The clip of her specifically complaining that her work day ended at 5:19 spurred a huge discussion on TikTok about influencing being hard.


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Nogueira posted a nine-minute-long TikTok addressing the controversy and her mental health. The video has amassed over 9 million views.

“At this time I was very new to [the] influencer career…emotions were running high”, she explained about the original video. “I made a video I absolutely should not have made. And I regret making it. ”

She acknowledged that she does not work harder than “a neurosurgeon or teacher” and sees that influencing comes “with an extreme amount of privilege”.


Nogueira continued apologizing for old comments she left on fellow beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill’s posts on Instagram. She stated that she has apologized to Hill separately and said that jealousy got the better of her in the past.


Finally, Nogueira revealed that her mental health had been “deteriorating for several months” citing not taking breaks and pushing herself too hard as the reason.

As a result, Nogueira will be stepping away from social media and content creation until she regains her mental and emotional health. She asserts that this decision is unrelated to the recent controversy she was facing.

“I stand for taking care of your mental health. I’m not ok…I’m gonna get treatment. I’m gonna get help. I wanna come back in a better place. I wanna be the best Mikayla I can be.”.



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