Miller Lite Beer Ad Featuring Ilana Glazer Sparks Controversy Over Feminist Views

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Popular beer brand Miller Lite dropped a new advertisement featuring comedienne Ilana Glazer, notably of “Broad City”. The ad depicts Glazer walking through a warehouse full of the hyper sexualized images of women used to promote the beer brand over the past several decades, with women workers recycling and composting the pages. The ad pays homage to women brewers in the beer industry, which has long been dominated by men. Brewing beer originated with women in the historical region of Mesopotamia.

The advertisement, which prioritizes women’s perspectives in an industry often critiqued for its sexism problem, is sparking backlash from several conservative influencers and media personalities over its messaging. Glazer is additionally an outspoken supporter of the Democratic party, which the right is using to add fuel to the fire. A photo of Glazer alongside 2016 presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has conservatives blasting the beer brand for including a seemingly liberal spokeswoman.

Conservative Backlash

One conservative personality from the Daily Caller posted a screenshot of Molson Coors’ Chief Marketing Officer Sofia Colucci’s social media, in which she praised former President Barack Obama’s leadership. Obama was a Democratic president, and the Daily Caller is notoriously right-leaning, and was founded by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Henry Rodgers, the Chief National Correspondent for the Daily Caller, claimed that Colucci deleted the post and several others. It is unclear if they existed in the first place, or if the Caller is spreading misinformation.


The advertisement has viewers drawing comparisons to the recent controversial Bud Light sponsorship. Bud Light sponsored popular transgender TikTok influencer and actress Dylan Mulvaney. Kid Rock and several celebrities misgendered Mulvaney.

Amid today’s controversy, several continue to reignite the transphobic hate campaign against Mulvaney. Ilana Glazer is a cisgender woman. While several conservative women are still complaining about the advertisement, one stated that at least Glazer is a “real woman”.

Additionally, some are even criticizing liberal arts institutions for “creating” contemporary feminism.


The Left’s Response

On the other end of the spectrum, central and left leaning viewers had more positive reactions to the ad campaign. The facts stated throughout the commercial were all historically accurate, and it offered a transparent look at the brand’s past mistakes.

Others continue to argue that beer companies should stick to the old ways. Beer has long been stereotypically associated with straight men.

Naturally, amid the right-wing backlash, some are vowing to boycott the brand.

An independent journalist raised a unique perspective. The ad is not necessarily political in its content, but does credit women with founding the beer industry. The support for women in positions of power is being politicized by its audience.

Miller Lite is yet to respond to the controversy surrounding the ad campaign.

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