Lawrence Handley Faces 35 Years in Prison Orchestrating the Kidnapping Of His Estranged Wife

Well, that plan backfired
By Christian McBride
Lawrence Handley is facing 35 years in prison
Photo // Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office

A Louisiana man has pleaded guilty to kidnapping charges after he plotted to kidnap his estranged wife and it didn’t turn out well. Handley, 53 owned several successful companies on his way to riches. He helped launch a series of supplement products and He also ran a software company. According to the ABC news, Handley became a tech giant by the time he was 30 years of age but he began drinking heavily, lost most of his money, and barred from seeing his children,” (ABC).

This may have sparked his motivation to kidnap his wife. Although Handley ran successful companies that aid in products helping the community. Lawrence Handley still had another side to him that was not seen by the public eye. Shanda Handley, his estranged wife, married in 2006 and later divorced in early 2017. They are on record saying extreme incidents that occurred throughout the course of their relationship. “Handley filed for divorce in April 2017. He alleged that his wife attacked or threatened him multiple times and hired a hitman to kill him,” (per advertiser). Schanda Handley told reporters that he told her “Armageddon was coming through the process of their divorce leading up to the kidnapping.

Handley hired Sylvester Bracey and Arsenio Haynes, two henchmen to carry out the deed. On Aug 6th, 2017 the two men dressed as carpenters advertising their product when they bum-rushed the door holding Schanda Handley and her daughter and an unknown neighbor at gunpoint. The men left their 14-year-old daughter and neighbor handcuffed while they took off with Schanda in the van. Once chased on the highway and corned by police the men surrendered Mrs. Handley at proceeded to take off on foot. The two men left with nowhere to go ended up trying to swim across the intra-coastal canal where they drowned. Lafayette Police Department was able to tie the rented vehicle and a video of his plan to kidnap his wife along with details made on how he would do it, (per advertiser). Lawrence Handley pleads guilty Monday morning to the three charges of kidnapping, he will now be facing 15-35 years in prison.