Most Popular TikTok Accounts for Gamblers

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Melissa Hoag

TikTok has grown massively in the past couple of years, becoming the go-to application for those looking for entertainment of all sorts. Almost everyone has a TikTok account these days, from comedians to doctors. Online gambling fans get a chance to learn a lot on this social media app, and the number of gambling TikTok accounts is growing as a result. So, starting with some high paying casinos, check out some TikTok influencers and see what tips they offer.

How TikTok Started With Gambling

TikTik doesn’t have any gambling features. As the platform gained popularity, people started creating content on subjects they were passionate and knowledgeable about. That’s how avid betting fans appeared in the app, talking about the best payout casinos and tricks to make real cash at an online casino. Today, many TikTok gamblers talk about the best payout slots, the most useful tricks, and winning strategies. Everything from pure entertainment to helpful guides exists on the app, so those who are new to betting online become more confident. 

What Kind of Gambling Content is Popular on TikTok?

Gambling influencers come in all forms on this platform. You will come across content of all kinds, from casual to highly professional advice on getting the high payout. Here’s what usually trends on the app:

Tips for Playing Slot Machines 

Who doesn’t love knowing some secret tricks to win online slot games? The first and most vital advice is joining a platform with a high RTP percentage before betting anything. It’s best to choose a Canadian casino with best payout reviewed by where the positive outcome is highly possible. Once you’ve registered, watch some videos to develop your strategy for both slots and table games. 

Epic Gambling Fails 

There’s something about watching epic fails that hooks us to our screens. Gambling accounts on this app know that, so you’ll see many people sharing the biggest betting fails. These clips offer both entertainment and a bunch of learning. See what methods people use that do and don’t work, and what mistakes they make. This will help improve your own betting techniques moving on. 

Massive Wins

Credit: Melissa Hoag


While some love watching people lose, others love watching huge wins. This is another genre of content you’ll find showcased in many videos. Again, such content offers a sense of happiness and excitement. There’s also learning and inspiration. A lot of beginners are often worried they’ll lose all their cash. Watching these wins enables players to have a successful win. 


TikTok Gambling Influencers You Must Follow

Here are the top profiles that churn out the best videos on the app. 


  • Followers: 143.3k
  • Likes: 772.2k
  • Username: @neversplit10s 

For those who want to learn blackjack, NeverSplit10s is an account you must follow. He gives in-depth lessons on the game’s rules, etiquette, strategy, and much more. With more than 140,000 followers, this is the top channel teaching how to gamble on blackjack. 

Xposed Twitch

  • Followers: 100k
  • Likes: 2.8M 
  • Username: @xposedtwitch

Watching a seasoned player spin the wheel is always fun. That’s what Xposed brings to the platform. Each video is full of action and fun, letting subscribers live vicariously through Xposed as he spins the reels. 

Lady Luck HQ

  • Followers: 110.7k
  • Likes: 1.8M
  • Username: @ladyluckhq 

Lady Luck HQ has over 100k followers, thanks to how humorous and relatable the account is. The husband-and-wife duo enjoys various titles at the best online casinos that payout good money if you manage to win. They talk about various playing styles and take big risks which keep the audience interested. 

Brian Christopher Slots

  • Followers: 162.4k
  • Likes: 967.2k
  • Username: @bcslots

Brian is a very funny creator who combines his perfect timing with various sound bites. He’s a big fan of best payout casino slots and showcases these in his creations. If you’re into spinning the wheel, you’ll definitely love Brian’s content. 

World Poker Tour

  • Followers: 46.7k
  • Likes: 379.7k
  • Username: @worldpokertour 

Among gaming organizations that maintain their presence on different platforms, World Poker Tour surely stands out. It’s follower-count on this app might not be the highest on this list but fans from all over the world watch their videos that mostly show clips from their professional games. 


Barstool Gambling 

  • Followers: 559.6k
  • Likes: 21M
  • Username: @barstoolgambling 
Credit: Vector illustration

Barstool Gaming started off as a print magazine before it entered the market as a gaming service provider. Since then, the brand has only grown. More than half a million people are followers of this brand on this platform alone. Their content is mostly comedic, which makes it highly enjoyable and relatable. 


  • Followers: 112.6k
  • Likes: 1.4M
  • Username: @casinofanatic78 

CasinoFanatic78 discussed the good and the bad related to betting, along with healthy doses of humor. The creator also worked in casinos at a time, so he has some relevant credentials for offering tricks every now and then.

NG Slot

  • Followers: 132.8k
  • Likes: 1.4M
  • Username: @ngslot 

This person plays various online casino games and bets big. People have watched him win upwards of $100,000 due to the risks he takes. Whether you want to watch a best payout slot game or see his bet on a roulette table, this profile has got you covered. 

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt left in anyone’s mind that TikTok has taken the world by storm. Tons of content are being created every single day all over the globe. You are welcome to learn anything. This app hosts massive profiles about the gambling world for the gaming enthusiasts. They offer an opportunity to gain lots of useful insights. Once you subscribe to a couple of them, you’ll see just how much you can end up learning.

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