Netflix’s Newest Reality Tv Show The Ultimatum is So Messy and Twitter Cannot Get Enough

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Image: Netflix | Twitter

Ever since Netflix released their beloved reality TV show Love is Blind, many thought that no show could ever get messier than that. But, Netflix outdid themselves this week when they released The Ultimatum. This new show follows couples, where one person is ready to be married and the other is not, as they break up and date someone else on the show, in order to see if there is someone else more compatible. Now, Twitter cannot believe that this is a real show.

As people watch the couples flirt and date each other, many cannot believe anyone would sign up for this. Even worse, the couples date each other in front of everyone, and not in private, making the drama even worse. First, the couples break up and date each other, and they have to choose another person to live with for three weeks. During these three weeks, the couple pretends to live as a “married couple.” After the three weeks is up, the couples reunite and live together for three weeks, and they must decide what to do next. It is truly a wild ride, but Twitter eats it up every time.

Netflix has received a little bit of backlash lately, especially as they raise their prices and try to eliminate people sharing their passwords. Many have also not been happy with some of the content recently. But, Netflix announced they would be producing several reality dating shows, like another season of Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, and other shows are apparently in the works, like Jewish Matchmaking and a fully queer season of The Ultimatum. So, if Twitter loves these shows already, it is safe to say many would be pleased to see more of these shows, no matter how hard they are to watch at some points

Many also enjoyed debating the couples, like who they thought was perfect for each other or who they believed deserved better. This seems to be a favorite aspect of these types of shows, especially as the show gives people an excuse to gossip and be nosy. Overall, this show is a fan favorite on Twitter right now, although many are in agreement that they would never be on this show.


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