Netflix’s “You” Hints At Love’s Survival in Season Four of the Hit Series

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The much anticipated thriller series You, based on the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, dropped the first part of its fourth season today. The show initially premiered in September of 2018, and each season subsequently focuses on Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and his obsessive love affairs that frequently lead to a string of murders. Season one took place in New York City, season two in Los Angeles, and season three in the fictional suburban town of Madre Linda, California. Season four takes us across the pond to London, U.K. Joe changes his name to Jonathan Moore after Elliot, a “fixer” who works for the Quinn family helps him get away with murder.

The previous season had arguably one of the most controversial endings in the show–Joe kills his wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), drops off their son with a trusted coworker and fakes his death. The dynamic of Love and Joe both having obsessive tendencies added a new element to the show, and to see her victimized left fans disappointed. But at the end of part one of the new episodes that premiered on Netflix today, there was a glimpse of hope for Love fans.

Others felt that Joe’s obsession this season just wasn’t as interesting as some previous plot lines. Also, there were a few plot holes–Joe rents an apartment in London’s exclusive South Kensington neighborhood on a junior lecturer’s salary, and as we know, Joe has only ever worked at libraries, book stores, and grocery stores, and with changing his identity after literally getting away with murder, it’s likely that he doesn’t have the best savings account.


The far fetched story lines of the show have spawned countless memes over the year, notably poking fun at Joe Goldberg’s terrible disguises while he is stalking his victims. This in mind, Joe let his ex-affair Marianne get away at an art festival in London. If she survived him, then just maybe Love could have too.

Even with Love absent from these episodes, Joe, as usual, insists that he’ll do better for himself, but continues his spree instead. He wakes up from a drunken stupor to find his neighbor stabbed to death in his kitchen, and assumes he killed him. At the end of the first episode, he receives a text from an anonymous stalker–and some theorize that it could be Love giving Joe a taste of his own medicine.


Regardless of a few critiques, fans were most excited for the return of Joe’s dark and occasionally humorous internal monologue that narrates the series. The irony of this season’s narration is Joe’s criticism of people’s misogyny, despite the fact that he’s killed nearly all of his female love interests in the series.

Others drew comparisons to the hit show Fleabag because of a scene that Kate seems aware of Joe’s internal monologue. With the characters this season seemingly having an extra edge of awareness about him, his stalker could really be anyone.

Part two of this season drops on March 9 on Netflix–and alive or dead, according to the preview, Love will be back.

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