Justin Bieber Falls Off Skateboard in Public Hahaha

  • Source: Facebook / Via: Facebook

    In what can only be described as “satisfying” or “a brief glimpse of his eventual future” Justin Bieber fell off his skateboard recently while trying to impress a street-performer amount of people somewhere near, but not actually in, Madison Square Garden. Sure he landed some of the tricks that, according to him, he pulled off “like a freaking boss,” but that doesn’t quite justify why a guy who used to be the most famous person in the world is now trying to impress small crowds by acting like the most annoying guy from your middle school who always got suspended.

    To his credit, though, he did land at least one of his attempts at an ollie: skateboarding’s most basic trick.

    Speaking of middle school, here he is trying to impress a minor with his minor accomplishment.

  • Source: Vine

    For gratuitous replays of the fall itself, check out Mirror’s cut of the video.