The Taco Emoji is Happening, Thanks to Taco Bell

  • Taco large
  • It’s been a long, hard road, but the internet and Taco Bell have finally reached their goal. Taco Bell announced on Periscope today that the taco emoji is coming to your phone.

    Finally, regular people eating Mexican food and drunk/stoned people eating greasy approximations of Mexican food have a way to celebrate their cravings without typing actual words into their mobile devices.

    According to Taco Bell, the Unicode Consortium has agreed to add the taco emoji to their lineup, and they’re simply waiting for Apple and Android to implement it. There is no set date as of yet, but the next software update should include the delicious-looking icons.

    The taco will be one of 37 new emojis announced by Emojipedia yesterday, along with a new burrito emoji, which just blows the possibilities wide open.

    People have been calling out for a taco emoji for a long time, with Taco Bell even launching a petition that currently has 32,799 supporters.