Sam & Nia’s Viral Pregnancy “Staged By God”

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  • In the latest chapter of “Was That Viral Pregnancy / Miscarriage Story a Scam,” YouTube couple Sam and Nia have declared that yes, their pregnancy was staged – by Jesus.

    “One interviewer asked me, ‘Was it all staged?'” Sam says in their latest video. “A lot of people think it was staged. I’m like, you know what? It was staged. It was all orchestrated by God above and nothing less. I’ll say stuff like that just to kind of throw them off, but it doesn’t make me happy that people are deceived, but it does make me happy that God chose our family out of the world.”

    Sam is a bit vague on the details, but it seems their belief is that God blessed them with a pregnancy, only to suddenly end it with a miscarriage two days later, to turn their family into an example for the rest of the world and expose them to public scrutiny to test the strength of their faith – very Old Testament of Him.

    “It makes me think of the verse John 15:19: ‘If you are of the world, the world will love you as its own. But because you are not of the world, but I have chose you from the world, the world hates you.’ I just think that’s so amazing. ‘Because I chose you, the world hates you.’ God told us we’re going to be hated, so what we’re seeing right now is God’s will being played out for our lives as Christians. We’re being persecuted somewhat.”

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    Just one day after their pregnancy announcement went viral, YouTube couple Sam and Nia said they had suffered a miscarriage – but as Buzzfeed reported, there was skepticism over whether the pregnancy was real in the first place.

    After their initial pregnancy video of Sam sneaking his wife’s urine sample from the toilet and announcing that she was pregnant got more than 10 million views, the couple posted another video in which they wept over the loss of their baby.

    “It just, bam, it just hit us like a bomb,” Nia said. “And those of you who have experienced miscarriage before, I can relate now. I have felt my womb empty out. I never ever ever knew that women felt that way.

    “I just want to say, too, that maybe there’s someone out there that’s going through this with us. The Bible says to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn, and I am mourning with those of you who are feeling this.”

    Sam said he felt they had become closer as a family through the tragedy. “Nia and I mourning together like this has made us stronger, and it’s made me appreciate my children more.”

    Many viewers and Facebook commenters expressed sympathy for the couple, but others said they should not have announced the pregnancy so early. Now Buzzfeed has approached medical experts who say taking a pregnancy test from diluted urine in a toilet is unreliable – and many people are pointing out that in their next video, Sam and Nia seem overly cheerful and are using their fame to try to get into LegoLand for free.

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    This isn’t the first time Sam & Nia have caused controversy – in their now-deleted video “Kids React to Gay Marriage”, the couple seem to coerce their daughter Symphony into saying same-sex marriage is wrong after she says homosexual couples should be able to marry “if they want to”. A petition circulated urging Naturebox to drop their partnership with the couple over the incident.