Comedians Buy a Gun in Under 5 Minutes

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  • If you want to buy a gun in Nevada but you’re not a state resident and you’d like to avoid a background check for whatever reason, do we have a video for you!

    Comedians Steve Hofstetter, Brent Mukai, and Collin Moulton went to a Las Vegas gun show with hidden cameras to see how easy it is to get a gun.

    Hofstetter showed up without state ID and isn’t a Nevada resident, so he couldn’t buy a gun – so he called his friend over and urged him to buy a specific weapon using Hofstetter’s money – in other words, he made it seem really really obvious that his friend was buying the gun for him, which is illegal.

    As the seller carried out a very brief background check, they cracked a bunch of jokes like “There was that sketchy stuff with that hooker” and “Uh oh, what’s she finding on you?” and “Here’s where it all goes south – she’s talking to the FBI now, Brent.”

    If they’d made jokes like that at an airport security gate, there’s a good chance they would have been kicked out. At the gun show, they got a gun in just a couple of minutes.

    To drive the point home, they went around Vegas trying to buy a house, rent a car, and get a fishing license, all of which required more paperwork and took more time than buying the gun.

    The video drew a lot of attention and plenty of criticism, as all videos about gun control laws do. Some people even ranted in the comments that Hofstetter was going to get arrested for making a “straw purchase,” i.e. getting someone else to buy a gun for him. Our host Anna Lore has more on his response:

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