#StickerKid Wins Iowa Caucus, Because America

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    Last night in Iowa, the American people once again began the historic, noble and dignified democratic process of AHAHAHAHAHA OMG look at that dumb kid with the stickers on his face!

    Forget Ted Cruz pulling off a surprise win over Donald Trump or the remarkable neck-and-neck finish between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – the real news of the night was a college student who got into Clinton’s victory rally specifically so he could stand behind her during her speech and look ridiculous on camera in the hopes of going viral on Twitter.

    Welcome to the new American Dream.

    Journalists who apparently didn’t have anything else to report on that night managed to track him down after the event, and revealed that he’s Peter Clinkscales, a student at Drake University. He told Mashable:

    ”I saw that a presidential candidate was going to be at my university and I thought that I should go see that presidential candidate at my university.”

    Initially he was hoping to bring a saxophone to Hillary’s speech, but security wouldn’t let him, so he had to make do with the stickers instead.

    Clinkscales actually doesn’t know who he’s voting for – he was also spotted at a Bernie Sanders rally, this time with only one sticker on his face – but he’s super stoked about having his own hashtag.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • He’s currently trying to sell his leftover stickers for $35,000, the price of his tuition, but that doesn’t seem to be getting much traction. Those 15 minutes of fame sure go by quickly.