Both of These Women Are Pregnant!

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  • You may have seen this massively viral photo sometime in the last few weeks.

    It features fitness model Chontel Duncan from HIIT Australia and her friend, Natalie Smith. They both had babies due within two weeks of each other — Chontel was due at the end of March and Natalie at the beginning of March.

    As you can see, their bodies responded to their final trimester very differently.

    “Each women carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy etc,” Chontel explained. “We both have healthy growing babies & we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing & full of energy.”

    If you’re having trouble believing her, you can see a more complete progression of her pregnancy in this picture, where she goes from rail thin at 14 weeks to visibly pregnant at 39 weeks.

    Because people on the internet become certified maternity doctors the moment they see a random pregnancy picture, Chontel got plenty of criticism for continuing to body-build and exercise through her pregnancy. Regardless, both mothers have now had their babies, Jeremiah and Charlie, and they’re doing well.

    “Healthy happy baby boy, absolutely nothing medically wrong with bubba, he is extremely alert and very strong shocking the staff here with his arms and neck strength,” Contel says. “Absolute champion on the boob & feeding very regularly no problem.”