Harriet Tubman Will Be On The $20 Bill!

  • The $20 bill will no longer prominently feature America’s 7th president and once-prominent imperialist Andrew Jackson. He will be replaced with Harriet Tubman, Civil War-era spy and abolitionist hero. If you aren’t particularly familiar with Tubman, here is the first paragraph of her Wikipedia entry. (And honestly, I know reading Wikipedia entries can be dull, but Americans should really know most of this stuff. Give it a shot, why not?!

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    Sources told Politico that U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will make an announcement to add Tubman to the $20 bill, and to leave the $10 bill, which features Alexander Hamilton (founding father but never president), untouched.

  • The news was broken just in time for America’s doofus parade to chime in about why this is a bad idea. It’s a slippery slope, argues Fox & Friends‘s Steve Doocy.

  • Yup. It’ll happen, folks. Grumpy Cat on the $100. Make it rain.