Transgender Girl’s Photo Beautifully Illustrates Bathroom Policy Issues

  • When photographer Meg Britton shared this beautiful photo of Corey Maison, she had no idea the stir it would cause.

    Britton, who edited the photo according to Corey’s wishes, shared the photo with the permission of Corey’s mother in regards to the recent bathroom policy laws passed in North Carolina. The photo went viral proving itself to be a powerful form of protest.

    From what we can tell, based on Britton’s edits, the photo was also picked up by conservative users who shared the photo without knowing Maison was, in fact, transgender.

    Third Post for those STILL not able to understand: If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men’s bathroom? Neither would I. Corey Maison is transgender. She was born with male anatomy but identifies as a female. Under the new laws, SHE would be forced to use the men’s room. Therefore, I would not be comfortable sending HER into the men’s room if she was my daughter. Be fair. Be kind. Be empathetic. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

    Fourth Post: Corey helped with her make up AND I edited the image FOR her, the way SHE would like it. Not for me and certainly not for any of you.

    Fifth Post: It is impossible to moderate this post, try as we may. I want to delete it as badly as I don’t want to delete it. I decided to let Corey’s mother make that call and she asked for it to stay to raise awareness so it will. PLEASE BE ASSURED that I do not in anyway support the trolling insanity I am seeing here and I VERY MUCH appreciate all the positivity around Corey as does she AND her family.

    Hopefully, Corey’s image will change some people’s thoughts on transgender bathroom policies.