The London Sperm Bank Has Created a “Tinder” for Sperm Donors

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  • According to Quartz, the London Sperm Bank has set up a Tinder-inspired ordering system. (There’s no word yet if this app will have a Spotify option like the real Tinder, so you can rock sweet tunes while picking the father of your child.)

    The sperm bank is allowing customers to customize their donor orders with choices like ethnicity, occupation, personality type, eye color, and more. So if you live in London, feel free to order up that blue-eyed soccer superstar baby you’ve always wanted.

    The search results are left completely anonymous. The app also allows women the option of creating wish list alerts for those that already know what they want. They will get notifications as soon as their preferred characteristics become available. After a £950 ($1,200) deposit, the sample will be sent to where the woman is undergoing fertility treatments. (The price is the same if ordered off an in-print catalogue.)

    London Sperm Bank is the largest in the UK, and is the first to offer such an app. According to them, every donor has been deeply vetted to ensure safety of the sperm and to test for genetic conditions and infections.

    Side note: it’s important that this is a completely separate app from the real Tinder. So if you’re looking to get knocked up on regular Tinder, it’ll take a willing partner. At least you’ll save $1,200.

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