Broad City Star Ilana Glazer Cancels Event After Anti Semitic Graffiti Found In Synagogue

The country's rise of hatred continues to tragically grow.

Broad City star Ilana Glazer has canceled an event at the Union Temple of Brooklyn Synagogue after hate speech was found painted inside. The hate speech said “Kill All Jews” and “Hitler” written in black marker inside the synagogue. This was done ahead of a “Get Out The Vote” event hosted by Glazer and less than two weeks after the anti semitic mass shooting at the “Tree of Life” Synagogue Pittsburgh, which is considered the worst anti semitic attack in American history.

Glazer says she has canceled the event in order to not put the 200 patrons who would be at the synagogue in danger, as the threat of anti semitic attacks have increased in the past two years, and according to ABC7: “The NYPD says half of all hate crimes in the city are against Jewish people, and the number of incidents has increased this year”. Glazer told DemocracyNow: “I can’t put these 200 people who came to listen in a safe space… in that danger… Our politicians’ words, who stand for white supremacy… turn into action so quickly. We lived through a safe, physically benign version of a white supremacist act.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement saying: “I am disgusted by the discovery of anti-Semitic graffiti at a house of worship in Brooklyn. At a time when the nation is still reeling from the attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, New Yorkers stand united with the Jewish community and against hate in all its forms. In New York, we have zero tolerance for discrimination in our laws or in our spirit. I have directed the State’s Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate this hideous act and hold those responsible accountable to the full extent of the law. As governor, I am also doing everything in my power to ensure our religious institutions are free from violence and intolerance. This week, we announced the launch of an additional $10 million grant program to help protect New York’s non-public schools and cultural centers, including religious-based institutions. The disgusting rhetoric and heinous violence in this nation has reached a fever pitch and is ripping at the fabric of America, and it must stop. In New York, we have forged community through chords of commonality and we will always stand together against hate and discrimination.”

As anti semitism and other forms of hate continue to rise in the Trump era, it is important for anyone with a shred of conscience to be an ally. Only together can we stop this because it’s not about party vs. party, but about humanity vs. inhumanity, and we have to rise against it whenever we can.

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