Kent State Girl FORCED OFF Ohio University by Students!

They even threw things at her

Kent State girl recently visited the University of Ohio and was recently bood off campus, and it’s causing a lot of uproar online.

Kailtin Bennet is a graduate of Kent State University known for a lot of her conservative views that really upset people online. Following her initial protests of Kent State, Bennett became a correspondent for Infowars.

Kaitlin has been a big talk online especially on Twitter. People have even dressed up as her for Halloween, and she now creates videos as a reporter with a group called Liberty Hangout. She is known for going to college campuses and asking pointed conservative questions to college students, but most often times it backfires on her.

Just this week, Bennett posted a video of her visit to Ohio, where she was booed while walking around campus and leaving in a car, with protesters throwing beverages at her and banging on the windows. She posted this video to Twitter saying “this is what happens when a trump supporter visits a campus.”Due to the protests, Kaitlin says that students at the school should have been arrested and that the school should be stripped of funding.

Kaitlin even claims in the video that her friend’s truck was vandalized, hot coffee was poured on her, and a lot of violence happened with no police help. One user wrote: Ms. Bennet, you have a right to your opinion, and a right to voice it. These college students do as well. Calling them “terrorists” because they utilized their right to assembly and speech is both dishonest and shameful.

Another wrote: “Hi i hate to intrude and although I don’t agree with how my school acted today, she did know that Athens is a predominately liberal area and her visit wasn’t going to bring anything good. I can hold my party accountable for uncalled actions, you should do the same.”

Bennett was, according to Campus Reform, going to shoot a Presidents’ Day video, planning on asking students trivia such as “who were the first 3 presidents?”

So overall, we want to know what you all think of this. Do you think that these students took it too far and should have a punishment? Let us know in the comments below.