Nicki Minaj Trashes Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Baby Stormi For Low Album Sales

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Nicki Minaj popped an album on us last week, which got our booty’s shaking and our rap queens unleashed, but for the Queen of rap, this was not enough. The only thing that would make Nicki happy, is for her album to reach number one on the USA charts. Unfortunately for Minaj, Travis Scott took the number one spot with his album, Astroworld, which left Nicki’s album, Queen, at the number two spot. And, let’s face it, nobody likes being second.

However, Minaj wanted to make her point clear that she deserved first place, and that Scott hadn’t put as much hard work and effort as she had into her album, and especially the album promotion. Nicki called out Kylie Jenner, by saying that she was in charge of Travis’ promotion, and that people only bought Astroworld because of Kylie, not because they are fans of Travis. Then, Nicki went a little bit too far, as she began calling out Stormi Webster, you know, Travis and Kylie’s baby, yeah, it got very silly, very fast.

Firstly, Minaj tweeted a picture of a recent post from Jenner’s Instagram, which gave a link to Travis Scott’s tour website, so that people could purchase tour passes. The image advertised the Astroworld tour, but as Nicki correctly put in her tweet, there has been no announcement for an Astroworld Tour, therefore people have been purchasing these passes and his album, so that they can get a taste of what to expect for a concert that doesn’t even exist.

Nicki also mentioned how the number of debut albums being sold by top rappers, such as Kanye West and Jay-Z, has decreased dramatically, and that it’s not just her that’s experiencing this downfall in sales. This has been due to the introduction of Spotify and Apple Music, as people don’t need to purchase an album in order to listen to it, they just need to subscribe to the service, ultimately leaving album sales at an all time low.


And then, the tweet that called out 6-month-old Stormi which left the Twitter community shook to their core…

Despite Minaj mentioning how her album placed at the number one spot in over 86 countries, the Queen was not happy with how her album was received and wanted fans to know how annoyed she was.

However, in Twitter tradition, some fans supported Nicki’s opinions, whilst others turned the situation into a joke that we all can laugh at…


Nicki then rounded up her series of tweets by saying how all of this was just a bit of sarcasm and dry humour, that shouldn’t have been taken too seriously. Really, Nicki? Seemed pretty serious to me, and definitely not a joke. Even Kylie and Travis are scared. They have actually taken this matter so seriously, that they have now moved their seats for tonight’s VMA’s, after it was announced that they were going to be sat right next to Nicki.

I think we have another Azealia Banks on our hands…

Do you think Nicki was being bitter and made everything much worse than what it needed to be? Do you think Nicki has put Kylie and Travis in their place? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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