“Only Murders in the Building” Killer Twitter Clues and Theories

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A new Hulu series, ‘Only Murders in the Building’ combines viewers’ love of true crime and comedy in this race against the clock to figure who is the mysterious killer.

New Hulu Original series ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Image By Cosmopolitan


A New show for true crime and comedy lovers?

Three strangers who are played by Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short find themselves figuring out their very own mystery after a murder happens in their very own building, the Arconia. Selena Gomez brings this sense of cool, calm, and collected energy to her character Mabel. That makes you wonder if is she is truly being genuine or just trying to keep her secrets hidden from the rest of the group. Uncovering as much as she can before her connection to the murder is revealed. Steve Martin (Charles) plays a former actor always reliving his glory days by living off his retirement and Martin Short (Oliver) plays a theatre director who is always trying to get his next big hit even though not having one in quite some time. These loveable yet somehow lost characters find their purpose again in their love for true crime.

The series puts a comedic spin on the everlasting love people seem to have for true crime podcasts, documentaries, and everything in between. The series was renewed for a season two before the first episode aired and there will be more of this comedic true crime content.

The unlikely trio of true-crime you never knew you needed Image By Variety

Who do you think DID it?

A murder happening in their Upper-Westside apartment sets off a series of antics this unlikely trio performs all in order to solve the mystery. Ultimately, creating a true-crime podcast of their own documenting each step along the way that finds them closer to the identity of the killer. Will, their love of true crime be enough to solve a murder in their own building, is everyone truly who they say they are, and who exactly is the guy in the tie-dye hoodie?



These are the questions every viewer is wanting to know. If you think you have what it takes to figure out the identity of the killer on your own, head over to Twitter to the official ‘Only Murders in the Building’ page and see if you can uncover any clues and see if you have been right all along!

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