Naomi Osaka Fined $15,000 for Bow Out Of The French Open

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Naomi Osaka star tennis player from Osaka City, Japan took to her social media to share her message on why she would be dropping out of the French Open this year. Over the past week, Osaka has expressed the importance of her mental health. According to the guardian, Osaka made a conscious decision to remain out of the press due to her anxiety and the media’s insincerity of it.

Osaka firmly stated the importance of how she is being perceived in the media and would basically like some peace of mind and maybe focus on just herself and her game! Tournament officials did not take a liking to a breach of media protocol. It was announced Sunday 5/30/2021 that Osaka would be fined $15,000 for ignoring her media obligations (Per The Hill). Do you feel The French Open is being too stern or do you feel Naomi Osaka may need to follow the rules? We all know and if we don’t, we are becoming more familiarized with the importance of mental health. Leaving a stressful relationship with a partner or a job relationship with coworkers and bosses you just don’t see eye to eye with. We all need a self-care break or a moment to re-group ourselves. Indeed, it is a beautiful thing to know the importance of self-care most of us would run ourselves into the ground for the approval of others.

Osaka drops out of French Open!
Photo: Roland-Garros

Osaka announced Monday afternoon 5/31/2021 the following day after being threatened with a $15,000 dollar fine if she does not speak to the media.

Osaka also took to her Instagram to say, “Though the tennis press has always been kind to me (and I want to apologize especially to all the cool journalists who I may have hurt) I am not a natural public speaker and get huge waves of anxiety before I speak to the world’s media. I get really nervous and find it stressful to always try to engage and give you the best answers I can.”

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